Project Management Software

Take Full control of your Business with Spectrum® Construction Project Management Software

From conception through completion, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software (SPM) brings all of your financial and organizational data together into one easy-to-manage system.

With Spectrum Construction Project Management Software, you can:

  • Keep tight control over your projects’ job costs
  • Analyze work-in-progress reports
  • Compare actuals versus projections versus budget
  • Accurately track cost to complete
  • View committed costs for any project
  • Effectively manage change orders and other project changes


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Spectrum Project Log

Combine all logging and tracking activities on a project into one easy-to-use screen. Using Spectrum’s pre-built forms, or by creating your own, you can generate, approve, and share anything you need in the Project Log with anyone inside or outside the office.


A better, more collaborative project

Spectrum Construction Project Management Software is designed to unify your project teams. Spectrum’s cloud-based Document Imaging and Document Management ensures that everyone involved with a project has the latest, up-to-date construction documents, plans, specs and more.

Once you start the project, Spectrum provides project managers and in-house accounting staff with real tools for day-to-day work.