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Local Support

Construction Context Technologies is your local support team for designing and implementing your Spectrum Software solution package, and for ongoing technical support to ensure you are optimizing the platform for your use.



Our team is your point of contact for the Viewpoint Spectrum software package.
We are here to help you maximize the returns from the investment in Spectrum Construction Software.


Implementing Spectrum to Maximize Your Software Investment

When adopting any new software technology, it is imperative that a company feels confident in the solution’s ability to address their unique business needs and increase staff productivity.

Construction Context Technologies implementation includes an implementation and training methodology that meets the planned timeline and cost estimates.

Together, we ensure you are up and running with minimal business disruption and are able to put Spectrum to work for you right from the start.

Staying Informed Through Continuing Educationand In-Depth User Training

Construction companies know that the effectiveness of any tool is directly related to the abilities of the user. Software can deliver amazing results when all its features are used to their full capacity.

We offer a full range of training options for all types of users to ensure that you are confident using the tools Spectrum puts in your hands. Plus, we offer ongoing support as your businessgrows and new opportunities for streamlining and improvingproductivity appear.

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