Equipment Management Software

Spectrum Equipment Management Software maximizes the useful life of your equipment investments

Spectrum Equipment Management Software allows you to streamline all of your equipment tracking, maintenance and management costs with one easy-to-use platform.

With Spectrum Equipment Management Software you can:

  • Track owning and operating costs
  • Improve job cost and estimate accuracy
  • Optimize fleet deployment and usage
  • Track return on investment across all equipment
  • Streamline preventive maintenance to get more operating life out of your fleet


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Realize smarter, more effective equipment cost tracking

Spectrum construction equipment management software gives you the tools to manage all financial aspects of your heavy equipment investment, including complete operating and ownership costs.

As you deploy your fleet, assign these costs to the jobs where they belong, improving the accuracy of job costing and helping you create more precise estimates.


Optimize your fleet and usage of equipment

Spectrum helps you stay in the equipment management sweet spot by giving you the ability to combine the owning and operating costs of your equipment to identify when a machine has outlived its useful life in your fleet and should be replaced.

Spectrum helps manage average-age usage and ROI of your fleet.


Take control of your resource scheduling

Spectrum simplifies fleet and employee resource management with Resource Scheduling. With Resource Scheduling, you can assign equipment and personnel to job sites on a day to day basis. Once scheduled, employees receive an email letting them know when and where they will be working.