Construction Software Development Guided by You, Our Valued Client

Construction Context Technologies proudly distributes software from Dexter + Chaney's superior Spectrum line of products for a simple reason:

they developed their software solutions by listening carefully to what their clients said they needed to improve their business, and worked to truly delivering what was needed. This philosophy drives the technology choices we make as we dedicate ourselves to providing construction business management and operations applications that do not become obsolete. We know that Dexter + Chaney works diligently to deliver new applications faster than anyone else.

They constantly evaluate new technologies on the basis of satisfying client needs, providing compatibility,and allowing us to deliver better products to our end users. Dexter + Chaney were among the first to deliver construction software applications with multi-user Windows® support, SQL, and thin-client architecture. Today, we’re among the first to offer our entire product portfolio in the cloud—delivering anywhere, any device access to our clients. As computing environments evolve, Dexter + Chaney will continue to be on the leading edge—supporting the technologies that make sense for our industry. As a Dexter + Chaney distributor, Construction Context Technologies will continue to deliver these tools to you, our clients, to ensure you have the best and latest management system to help your company grow.